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Mauritius as a holiday destination offers numerous options to its visitors by way of the varieties of accommodation it can provide to every category of vacationer who visits its shores for leisure or business. Exclusive guest houses, beach bungalows, villas, apartments, studios, bed and breakfast jaunts, boarding inns and now the popular self catering beach bungalows are in plenty to meet the needs of the ever growing numbers of tourists visiting this ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean.’

A haven for leisure, ideal for business, the ultimate in resorts with state of the art spas, the hospitality industry in Mauritius beckons with a smile. One could be on a honeymoon, with the family or on a business come pleasure trip; Mauritius hotels offer private white sand beaches for sunbathing, water sports for youngsters, and aesthetic spells at spas – each peppered with a unique and lingering flavor of the Mascarene Archipelago.

One can avail of tariffs ranging from the frugal bed and breakfast to the ‘lying in the lap of luxury’ comforts of five star hotels. As is the norm nowadays, one is likely to get a better deal when hotel bookings are organized through an agent than when one approaches the hotels directly.

Adventure, scenery, fishing, golf, museums, culture, diving, snorkeling, water sports – hotels in Mauritius have them all. All one has to do is to look for the one that is the most suitable. Hotels in Mauritius also arrange excursions as per guest demands and organize hired cars to see more of this beautiful Island.